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Hotelila Online Booking Solutions

Challenges of a modern hotel e-Booking management

Hoteliers are working with multiple offline and online channels. For example hotel receives reservations through offline channels such as telephone, e-mail, etc. On the other hand online reservations are coming through hotel website and various OTA channels like:, Expedia, Agoda, etc. To keep bookings coming from various sources under control at any moment takes a diligent 24 hours and very time consuming work.

A good hotel management system will take a substantial part of this workload from us and save us a lot of time. The system will automatically update availability on all online booking channels according to the room availability in the PMS system and at the same time prevent overbookings. It will enable us to update all prices and availabilities in different channels from one location. In short, a good PMS system is like a virtual assistant doing our grunt work, so we have more time for other things.


Single Dashboard

Manage all your bookings from a single PMS system. One login for all your OTAs and other channels.

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Replace manual data entry with the electronic system, reduce the chance of human error, and save your precious time.


Maximise Revenue

Sell as many rooms as possible online without fear of overbooking and implement your dynamic pricing strategy.


Why PMS with Channel Manager

Improve hotel's on-line visibility by distributing rooms on world's leading Online Travel Agencies (OTA). Connect PMS with your preferred Channel Manager to perform automatic rate and availability synchronization on all channels easily and efficiently from a single place. Receive all your on-line bookings directly to the PMS without manual work.

Why to incorporate Booking Engine to the hotel website

Reduce booking inquiry e-mails and telephone calls to minimum. Convert lookers of your hotel's website into self-service bookers. Establish your own commission free booking channel and become less dependent on costly Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and other third-parties. Booking Engine will automatically transfer all bookings directly into PMS system and send Booking Confirmation Letter to the guest.


Enhance hotel online bookings with

additional items and services

Highlight room upgrades and hot deals before guest completes the booking. Upsell everything from airport pickup, spa services, breakfast buffet to tour packages. Encourage guests to spend that little bit extra which results in increase of the hotel's average revenue per guest and enhance guest experience.

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