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How Hotelinco Property Management Software Can Lead to Hospitality Success?

New hotel technology trends, such as social media, cloud computing, or the integration of business systems, are emerging repeatedly. These trends are increasingly changing or at least significantly affecting the hotel industry. Thus, it is extremely important for hoteliers today to be up to date with new hotel technologies and to understand their impact on the hotel business.

Today, small hotels can also be more successful due to the optimal use of new technologies, as these largely enable small hotels to compete on an equal footing with large hotel chains. Fast-growing technology creates a more profitable business environment for small hotels. Hotelinco PMS Service, the hotel’s cloud software for managing small hotels, considers several effective technological innovations and adapts them to the business needs of its users. Hotelinco PMS Service allows small hotels to increase profits, reduce operating costs, and improve their services to guests with many useful features that have been specifically designed for the operation of a small hotel.


Cloud PMS

Because Hotelinco operates as a cloud service, local software installation and expensive infrastructure setup are not required; it eliminates many of the high costs of purchasing or maintaining hardware and software. The cloud solution enables efficient business, access, and remote work, as well as the security of hotel data.

Direct reservations

Direct online bookings on your own website are extremely important for independent marketing and increasing hotel occupancy. The Hotelinco online reservation system enables its own and optimal sale of free capacities in real-time and on several websites at the same time so that there can be no overbooking. The hotelier is less dependent on intermediaries and can formulate his own sales policy.

Multi-property/centralized data

Hotelinco allows hoteliers access to real-time data to monitor and plan the hotel business of one or more hotels. The multi-property system enables the possibility of use for several accommodation units or the simultaneous addition of units in several different locations.

Personalized systems

Guests can expect their hotel experience in a completely personalized way: from a welcome message on the TV screen to additional services such as flowers in the room or a reminder of the hotel’s favorite menu. All these are highly valuable data that must be stored in the hotel information system and be available every time the guest returns to the hotel. Hotelinco PMS has the necessary information on reservations and guests, enables proactive monitoring and planning – from recording personal guest preferences to proactive use of data, which creates new high-value services or added value to existing hotel services.


The hotels offer many services, such as accommodation, catering, golf, massages or spa, etc. Today, the hotel needs a comprehensive information system to manage all these areas of the hotel business with faster access to reports and statistics and a real insight into the profitability of its hotel.


Globalization has a major impact on the hotel industry and the development of technology. We have in mind, for example, the increasing scalability of systems, the many international languages, accounting and work practices under the laws and regulations of different countries, and so on. Hotelinco PMS is a flexible, scalable solution that can be adapted to the different hotel needs and legal frameworks of each country, enables multiple currency billing, and can be used in different languages at the same time (simultaneous multilingualism).


With these features, Hotelinco Cloud PMS enables the hotel to operate more optimally, while at the same time creating added value for hotel services. We believe that Hotelinco will provide the best guest experiences keeping the interest of the visitors intact making them revisit your place. Furthermore, as we come out of the pandemic, Hotelinco PMS can help hotel owners to control costs that might have been difficult in the present economic downturn.

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