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How to Choose the Best Hotel Property Management System Software?

There are many software providers on the market to choose from, but certainly, not every solution is right for your needs. When choosing software for your small hotel, there are some key questions to ask, such as: “What features and functions of the program do I need to run the hotel, what features are needed to improve competitiveness, and finally, does the program meet regulatory requirements?”

Check the basic functions, features, and specifics of the solution and judge whether they meet the requirements of your hotel. Here are some of the most important features of small hotel management software:

Ease of Use and Simplification of the Work of the Reception

The program should be easy to use, so it requires almost no lengthy introduction. Time is also important in dealing with your guests, so the program should allow easy check-in and check-out of the guest, reservations of hotel rooms, and billing, orderly and consistent business.

Connectivity with other hotel systems

The hotel usually has several systems in place, such as a financial accounting system, door locks, telephony, restaurant system. Good connectivity with other systems is very important as it saves you time and money. Connectivity with online sales and different distribution systems is also important.


Many software providers offer a solution at an extremely affordable price, but later it turns out that this price is not final and that there are many hidden costs behind the solution, such as additional billing by number of users or points of sale. Are there any additional billing for program maintenance and upgrades? It is necessary to check what is included in the price of the software, considering that the price is in line with your capabilities. A high price also does not mean a better software solution. Modern software solutions can be available for a negligible cost, even in flexible pricing models, such as pay-per-use.

Data security

Check how it is with the storage of your data and how high the protection and privacy of the data is. It is also necessary to check how the data is transferred in case we later decide change the provider.

Program in accordance with legal provisions

Check whether the program complies with local legislation, for example, whether it complies with the Tax Regulation, whether it allows tracking of all changes to documents and whether it provides all the reporting required by regulatory authorities.

Easy Integration and Up gradation

Make sure the program considers the nature of your business and “grows” along with your capacity. Is it possible to add new facilities and services to the system at will?

Choose a Reliable Vendor

Choose a software vendor that has been operating in the market for at least a few years, as this is the only way to make sure that the software solution is proven and based on knowledge and experience. The software provider should not only be the seller, but also your long-term partner and consultant.


When it comes to choosing best hotel management system software make sure to check its accessibility, integration, and applicability to the core hotel processes. Choose software that provides value to your business, ease of doing work to your staff, and a great experience for your customers. Having up-to-date software will not only maximize your hotel’s productivity but also keep you ahead of your competitors.

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