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Tips to Boost Your Hotel’s Occupancy with Efficient Cloud-Based PMS Systems

At some point or the other, every hotelier has to deal with the occupancy dynamics. Regardless of the fact, whether it’s a small independent family-run BnB or a big chain of hotels, at certain point occupancy drops. Hotels that run with full capacity in summer may suffer a drop during the off-season. Besides, dramatic and sudden occupancy changes can be influenced by the events happening in the country or the city. This may include political unrest, strikes, terror attacks, and other similar actions.

Moreover, hotel occupancy is a serious topic of discussion nowadays. The world is waiting to witness how the travel and hotel industry will return on its feet after the impact of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Hotels are a significant and essential part of the travel infrastructure. Further, millions who are working from home and quarantining are having an increased urge to get away from home. So, hotels will soon be seeing an increase in occupancy naturally. However, optimizing your marketing strategies and following some tips to allure travelers are more important than ever. In terms of recovery, an accommodation provider first thinks about increasing the hotel occupancy.

Therefore, the first and foremost step is to upgrade your hotel technology, especially your cloud-based PMS systems. Are you thinking about how technology can help to fill your hotel rooms? Here are some tips to get a full house by investing in a competent and capable cloud-based hotel PMS system.

Create Personalized Packages

Personalization is the trending game for hotel marketing. Follow cascading strategies to target each guest’s taste. Rather than discounts, customers now look for more valuable services. Create customized packages and mask your room prices with other value-based services and products. This makes your clients feel that they are receiving much more than they are paying you.

Use guest history and analytics to determine who is looking for rooms and based on their previous visits offer them exactly what they want. For instance, incorporate a complimentary massage, super-fast wifi, pick-and-drop airport service. Besides, with a little survey, you can know what your customer is looking for. For instance, they may need a romantic getaway, business trip, or a family outing. Hotelinco a cloud-based hotel PMS system allows you to curate personalized packages and help your guests coming back for more.

Administer a Smart Pricing Strategy

Times have been quite testing and most of the hotels are not making as before. Many businesses have been selling inventory at low prices. However, this strategy is even more dangerous and harmful in the long run than helpful. You need to adopt well-planned pricing strategies on occupancy, trends, and other factors to make smart and well-informed decisions.

Room prices should be such that they can cover the cost, sound affordable, and can still make a profit for your business. An efficient cloud-based PMS system for your hotel should be robust to help you make smart decisions. Moreover, it should offer flexibility in deciding the pricing according to the high days, packages, seasons, and so on. Hotelinco offers you an automated dynamic pricing strategy.

Deals Highlighted on the Platform

Offering extras and deals to guests without their knowledge makes no sense. Your guests get swayed by the offers and deals while booking your services on your website or a third-party platform. Everyone wants discounts, travel extras, and incredible deals without paying extra bucks. Upselling starts with attractive and tempting unique offers.

Now, make sure that all the regular deals and extras are highly noticeable on your online listing features. Use highlighting features and put a spotlight on the current deals next to the basic details of the rooms.

Hotelila helps you highlight hot deals before guest completes the booking with their cloud-based PMS system. It allows you to upsell everything from spas, welcome drinks to tour packages, and a breakfast buffet. It enhances your hotel’s occupancy.

Promote Safety of Guests

If your hotel misses the required cleanliness standards, then your potential guests are likely to overlook it. With the spread of the pandemic, people have become more particular about their safety and hygiene. Therefore, it’s no longer enough to be clean superficially. People expect clinical levels of safety and hygiene standards.

Hotels must redefine their SOPs to attain and maintain extraordinary hygiene standards. Nothing is more important to guests than a safe and clean space. Avoid 3 Cs that are close spaces, close contact, and crowds. Furthermore, preventive measures to be followed to curb the spread of COVID-19 including wearing masks, hand sanitization, and social distancing. However, you think that’s sufficient? Not really!

Acquire contactless methods to run your hotel. Keep your hotels updated with the latest technology using a cloud-based PMS system facilitating online bookings, payments, check-ins & check-outs. Besides, cloud-based hotel PMS systems allow contactless methods to train your staff, accept ID proof, and remote access to other hotel departments. It keeps both your guests and staff safe.

Let your guest know about the precautionary measures you are taking via the website or third-party sites for their well-being.


Seeing the “Sold Out” sign at your hotel’s entrance is perhaps one of the great feelings for a hotelier. We totally get it! However, how often you have that feeling? So, if you aren’t already smirking at this question, you definitely needed that read.

Hotelila’s cloud-based hotel PMS system is the one-stop solution for increasing occupancy, enhancing guest experience, and effortless hotel operations management. Get the Hotelinco Cloud Based PMS and revive your hotel business without breaking a sweat.

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